Drawing from the vibrant global energy of Miami, Pierre Louis has created a limited edition design that represents the unique culture and artistry that defines the Wynwood Art District. Pierre Louis has meticulously crafted a design that stokes the glowing fire of Wynwood by taking its one of a kind District Design into the realm of wearable art.  With its bold, abstract red and blue paint marks and elegant signature logo, the District design emphasizes how far Wynwood has come on the international art stage and how much electric creative energy is ever present in the 305. 

The launch of the hyper limited District Design, only 100 will be available, coincides with Haitian flag day on the 18th of May.  This day represents a new sense of awareness, the idea of knowing that with freedom of expression comes a future full of possibilities. Pierre Louis District Design is just that, not afraid to reveal its many layers that so strongly parallel an exquisitely diverse and cosmopolitan, fashion forward face of Miami.
What better place for Pierre Louis to launch the District design than Wynwood? The energetic neighborhood that continuously inspires locals and out of towners a like with it's kalediscope of murals and eclectic designs. The unique district that beckons us to not only see, but feel, that art and culture are inextricably linked to the enhancement of progress. Pierre Louis District Design asks us to step gracefully and full of expression outside of the box, as stepping out is truly essential to harnessing creative freedom.